Meal Prep – Honey Sriracha Turkey Meatballs

Finding tasty and healthy meals for lunch can some times be challenging unless you plan ahead. I recently got into the meal prep mindset and create my lunch for the week on Sunday when I have the most time. This way, I have a week long lunch thats not only healthy but easy to just pick up grab throughout the week. This also saves me money from eating lunch out on days where I felt too lazy to pack my lunch in the morning.

This quick and easy meal prep lunch of the week comes courtesy of The Easier Life. This was a Pinterest find and the images caught my attention. This meal will keep your belly satisfied while enduring the work week.

Here a quick journey through the meal prep experience.

ingredients to get started
All the Ingredients out and ready to go.
meatballs rolled
Meatballs rolled out heading into the oven. (ended up with 38)
Cooked Meatballs after glazing them with the Honey Sriracha sauce.
Cooked Meatballs after glazing them with the Honey Sriracha sauce.
meal prep meatballs
Divided into containers and ready to store for lunch for the week. Serving with a bed of brown rice and grated carrots.  

I will definitely be making this meal prep dish again.  The flavor in the meatballs packed a nice punch of heat from the sriracha but was well balanced with the glaze.

My only recommendation as a slight alternation to this recipe would be to increase the ingredients in the glaze slightly. The last 10 meatballs I started running a bit low on the glaze.

Follow the link below for the full recipe from The Easier Life.

Link: Honey Sriracha Glazed Turkey Meatballs

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