5 Ways iOS 13 Will Make Your Life Easier

Big changes have arrived on your iPhone! Apple has released not only iOS 13 but now iOS 13.1 as well, all with a new UI design, easier sign in methods, and tools to bring out the little bit of pro photographer in everyone. I have been diving deep into the new features through the beta program for the past couple months and will be sharing some of my favorite new features.

But first, here are a few FAQ about Apple’s iOS 13:

Can I upgrade my phone to iOS 13:

iOS 13 will not be released on devices that are older than the iPhone 6s. This means that that the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 are not compatible with iOS 13.

Here is a list of the iPhones that will be supported with iOS 13:

  • iPhone: XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone SE
  • iPod touch: 7th gen

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about your iPad and the new iPadOS update coming soon. I will be covering this in another post. This update will be taking advantage of the larger screen size and closing the gaps of having to carry around a laptop.

Here’s a list of iPads that will be compatible with iPadOS:

  • iPad: mini 4, mini 5th gen, Air 2, Air 3rd gen, iPad (5th and 6th gen) and iPad Pro

How do I install iOS 13?

You should get a prompt on your iPhone when it’s time to install iOS 13, or you can check for the update manually by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

So What’s new in iOS 13

Dark Mode has arrived!

Give your eyes a break and switch over to the all-new Dark Mode. It will transform apps throughout the operating system, especially all of the Apple apps, from that bright blue-white display to a deep and darker hue of colors. I love this feature and makes looking at the screen much easier.

You can set Dark Mode to be flipped automatically at sunset, or you can schedule it to turn off and on at certain times. Here’s how to customize your settings.

  1. Open the Settings app, then tap Display & Brightness > Dark at the top screen. At this time the screen will flip over to those deep and darker colors.
  2. Turn on the Automatic option to switch at sunset and sunrise, or tap Options > Custom to set your own schedule.

Impressive Photo and Video Editing

As a photographer always on the go, having great camera and editing capabilities with me on my phone are crucial to being able to capture great shots at a moments notice. iOS 13 has upped the game again with a slew of great new photo and video features. You can fine tune your favorite shots with the new easy to use editing tools and filters, and most of all you can now to do the same with your videos! You can easily crop, rotate, and add filters nondestructively to your videos by tapping the Edit icon.

Now when you are finished creating your perfect shot and masterpiece, the Photos app will organize everything for you. You can easily search your library by improved keywords, locations, or even sort by day, month, or year. Also the Photos will hide any duplicate shots you may have. Photos will now also highlight photos of all your friends and family members on their birthdays if you have a birthday set for them in their contact. Memories will now have music added to them based on what you have been listening to in Apple Music.

All around lots of great enhancements have come to the camera and photos app!

iOS 13 Maps and the World Around You

iOS 13’s Maps has been upgraded and now has an all new and more realistic view. Use the 3D Look Around feature to explore all your favorite destinations in real time before you arrive.

Within the Maps app, you can now also create destination collections and share them with your friends. Whether it’s a future vacation plan or just commonly visited places.

iOS 13 Maps Collections

Keep your Personal Data Safe

With iOS 13 there is a larger focus on privacy and security throughout the OS. You can now sign into apps and websites you use everyday with your Apple ID. This feature is secured by trusted two-factor authentication, and doesn’t require you to enter a time consuming password each time. Instead, now you can simply tap the “Sign in with Apple” button when you go to login to a site and use either Face or Touch ID. It’s very quick and simple.

Be More Expressive in your Texting

iOS 13’s new QuickPath Typing feature will make texting your friends and family a breeze. You no longer have to lift your fingers for every letter, simply swipe.

Want to add some personality to your text conversation? Try the updated Memoji features, which include a new wide range of makeup, hairstyles, and accessories to make your Memoji look even more like you. You can use the Memoji as stickers or static icons in your Messages, Mail, and many other apps, all right from your keyboard.

Want to add a boost of personality? Try the updated Memoji feature, which includes new makeup and hairstyles and new expressions that you can customize to look just like you.

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