Travel Through the Netherlands

Below you can follow my 10 day journey through the beautiful city and countryside of the Netherlands. I travelled there during the peak of the tulip season in April to help satisfy the photographer in me and capture some truly colorful shots.

For this trip, I primarily shot all the pictures on my Nikon D5300 with some quick shots on my iPhone.

Noordwijk & Keukenhof

Spent the first weekend in Noordwijk, which is more on the southern side of the country along the coast line. Below are some of my encounters there.

While staying in Noorwidjk, we took in Keukenhof during their Tulip Festival. This was an amazing experience and you were surrounded by brilliantly colored flowers.


After spending some time on the southern side of the Netherlands, it was time to head north into the city of Amsterdam. This is where we spent the majority of our stay and spent a lot of our time in Museums. There is a lot of deep history in Art from the city. To name a few, the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum. While in Amsterdam, I also had maybe the best piece of beef I have ever eaten, Chateaubriand, from Basserie SenT. They cooked this in a Big Green Egg and it was full of flavor. See my picture below of the dish.


Next up, spent a day in Haarlem to see some of the beautiful architecture there around the Grote Kerk (Great Church).

Alkmaar & Zaanse Schans

And last but not least, We spent a day and travelled up a little further north to Alkmaar to see the outdoor cheese market and then to Zaanse Schans to see the iconic Windmills.

All in all, this was a great experience and I would recommend a visit there during the early spring months to see the most colorful Tulips.

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