Cookies n Cream Cupcakes

Cupcakes give me excitement.  I love making them and giving them to people.  Sure, I enjoy my fair share of them, but trying out new flavors and seeing what lights up my friends and family’s eyes the most is what I enjoy.  I finally found my secret cupcake base recipe I work from and now I enjoy creating new flavors from there. It’s not as easy as I thought it might be, but through trial and error I’m knocking out some new favorites!

Several of the people I’m close to love cookies n cream type desserts.  It’s definitely not a favorite of mine so it’s never been on my immediate go to list.  I recently got the nerve to give it a try. Man am I glad to go for this one! It’s now my favorite!! 

Let’s Get to Baking!

A quick note before we get started, when adding chocolate cookies into a cake batter that the cookie sucks the moisture from the cake and will cause it to be dry if you are not careful.  

To make your own cookies n cream cake or cupcakes, take your base white cake mix and double the wet ingredients.  If you’re using a standard box mix, I would increase the water, not the egg or oil. Coarsely chop 20 chocolate cookies.  To chop the cookies, I like to place them in a zip top bag nestled safely between a kitchen towel and aggressively beat them a few times with my meat mallet.  Anger management at its finest. 🙂 Once your cake mix is made, gently fold in the cookies and place in your cake pan or cupcake liners. They take the same amount as time to bake as your regular cake does.

Cookies N Cream Cupcakes

The Icing

While the cake bakes, let’s make the perfect cookies n cream icing!  I always prefer a buttercream icing base. After searching high and low I finally found my beloved buttercream recipe.  There’s many out there on Pinterest that are good, but my recipe takes the perfect amount of all delicious to eat and totally unhealthy for you items and makes it into one deliciously sweet taste your taste buds will keep coming back for.  

After you mix your favorite icing, place 20 chocolate cookies in a food processor.  From trial and error I learned that you are going to want these cookies to be as much like dust as possible.  If you think it’s blended well, push that button a couple more times. Trust me here. Take your spatula and fold the cookie dust into your icing.  Now go ahead and have a taste….mmmmm good stuff isn’t it! My mouth waters thinking about this stuff.  

Cookies N Cream Cupcake topped with a cookie
Cookies N Cream Cupcake

Once your cake or cupcakes have cooled, use a knife to spread the icing or put the icing in an icing bag.  A gallon size freezer bag works also. Cut about ¼” hole out of the corner of the bag you choose and use that to squeeze out nice big dollops.  

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