About Me

Hi!!! I am Nick Fister IT professional, hobby photographer and food enthusiast. Below you will hear more about me and how I got this site started.

Technology and photography has always been near and dear to my heart.  My love of technology extends to the building of my own home lab which is running on a virtualized infrastructure with VMware and Synology NAS.  This blog started out with me trying to learn more about AWS and then I decided to take it to the next step to really share things that I am passionate about.  

Nick portrait

I am originally from Georgetown, Kentucky which is a small town outside of Lexington, Kentucky. Due to a job opportunity my company transferred me to Atlanta, Georgia away from all my family and friends.  Since I had to make it on my own this is the point where I became the food enthusiast.  It probably helps that I also worked on Bi-Water Farm which is owned by my family and grows all types of vegetables.

In moving to Atlanta, Georgia I met the love of my life my wife Janet.  Since I really don’t like doing dishes cooking has fallen on me and she makes sure the kitchen is clean.  

My wish is for this blog to be collaborative effort.  I will have various contributors which is not limited to my wife Janet and my sister Allison.  In the end I hope you enjoy what I bring to my tech foodie.

Now that you know all about me, head back over to my Home page to see the latest posts.